Ricky Mena (Founder - CEO- Spider-Man)

Ricky Mena is the man behind the mask of Spider-Man but also the founder and current CEO of Heart Of a Hero. Ricky’s vision to connect with children to further inspire, motivate, and empower children in need by tapping into the wonderful world of their imagination became a reality through his persistent devotion and took on a life of its own via social media. Ricky’s unique approach from within the Spider-Man suit to deliver a more therapeutic experience rather than just an entertainment based visit truly laid down the foundation of what Heart Of a Hero is today. Ricky’s wish was to create a blog like atmosphere by sharing each child’s story to not only enhance awareness for what disease, illness, and or disability they battle, but also to create a platform for a community like support system to raise hope and much needed funds that are sent directly to each childs family via various crowd funding sources. Now that Ricky has managed to accomplish all of that and more, we’re excited to see where his dreamer like visions take Heart Of a Hero next.


Kendall Mena (Vice President - Spider-Gwen)

Kendall Mena is the woman behind the Spider-Gwen mask but is also the current Vice President of Heart Of a Hero. She also happens to be the wife of Ricky Mena which means this is one incredible duo! Kendall expressed an interest in joining Heart Of a Hero in early February of 2018 and did so by first accompanying Ricky on visits as a volunteer. She worked her way up from being the person who gathers all the gifts for children (as Ricky went room to room), to the woman behind the camera who captured all the amazing moments that tell the stories of children so well, but that wasn’t all she had in mind. After watching Ricky work with children for several months she asked to suit up and help introduce a different dynamic to the visits to further connect with children. By July 2018, Kendall began suiting up alongside Ricky as “Spider-Gwen”. Her presence had such a profound positive impact immediately and there was no denying, she too was meant to reinforce the strength in children who need it most. As if that wasn’t enough, Kendall is also the mastermind that came in and better structured Heart Of a Hero in ways that Ricky never could. After visiting children for more than a year as Spider-Gwen, its easy to see that Heart Of a Hero and the magic it brings into the field every day wouldn’t be what it was without Kendall.


Deadpool Cameo

Deadpool Cameo is the newest member to Heart Of a Hero, but he isn’t new to making visits to children all around the world who need inspiration, encouragement, and a reason to smile. More than a year ago, Deadpool Cameo contacted our founder Ricky Mena in a private message asking for a few pointers and advice in how he could dawn the suit and begin his own journey in making a difference in the lives of children everywhere. After that short conversation, Deadpool Cameo ran with it and created an incredible platform of his own to better bring awareness and happiness to children fighting serious illness in his own unique way. After a year of working alongside organizations like “Comicare” and independently being present at more than 100 public events creating a massive amount of awareness for children he visits, we decided it would best benefit the children and strengthen the power we had to help them if we joined forces! An alliance was born! Deadpool Cameo shares the same vision of visiting children as we do in the way of approaching each and every visit from a therapeutic standpoint rather than an entertainment based one. We are without a doubt excited to have Deadpool Cameo on our team and cant wait to tackle our mission statement of inspiring, motivating, and empowering children who need it most, TOGETHER! For more on Deadpool Cameo and to follow his personal journey more closely, please visit www.DeadpoolCameo.com


Kristin Harvey (Secretary - Social Media Administrator)

Kristin Harvey is the current Secretary and Social Media Administrator of Heart Of a Hero, But don’t let the title fool you, she’s done more than her fair share of groundwork as well. Kristin is someone who was there even before the beginning of Heart Of a Hero when Ricky was just a “Spider-Man” visiting children under no organization and with no affiliation to any company. In fact, it was only with the help of Kristin and her husband Michael (Ricky’s best friend) that Heart Of a Hero was able to come to fruition. Kristin and Michael believed in Ricky’s vision for visiting children in need so much that they let him stay rent free in their home as long as he continued the good deeds for children. It was that platform that Ricky used as a diving board to catapult Heart Of a Hero into existence and to the next level. Kristin was there at the ground level for thousands of visits for the first 3 1/2 years driving to various locations, gathering toys, taking pictures, doing all the admin work, and bringing the founding structure to our fast growing nonprofit. Kristin and Michael moved to Florida (across the country from Ricky and Heart Of a Hero Headquarters), but that didn’t stop Kristin from still being a pivotal piece of Heart Of a Hero’s every day operations. Kristin now runs all of Heart Of a Hero’s social media pages. That means every post and every response is all her. If you know anything about the recent “Spider-Man” movies, you’ll understand why Ricky calls Kristin his “guy in the chair”. She’s the heart, soul, and backbone of our organization and definitely the biggest hero behind closed doors to what we’ve built here at Heart Of a Hero!


Bat Dog Benson (Therapy Dog In Training)

Say hello to our awesome and amazing Bernese Mountain Dog named “Benson”. We acquired Benson from an incredible Oregon based organization known as “LK BerneDoodles”. LK offered to donate Benson to Heart Of a Hero on the terms that he would become our organizations first therapy dog for children we visit in hospitals and beyond. Obviously we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to implement yet another option and level of therapy that our organization offers to little ones and their families who need it most. Benson has been in our care since he was 8 weeks old (he is currently 11 months old) and has gone through an extensive amount of training preparing him for the work he will assist us with in the near future. Benson was named after our founders good friend “Aaron Benson” who unfortunately lost his life at just 49 years old to cancer. Ricky felt it would be the perfect way to honor the passing of his good friend. Furthermore, Aaron’s favorite hero was “Batman” and that’s how we came up with our Benson’s alter ego, “Bat Dog Benson”! He’s doing absolutely amazing in his training and is just a few months away from being eligible to take a test officially certifying him as a therapy dog. We are positive that his fun, loving, goofy nature will bring tons of joy wherever his pet hugs are called into action. If you would like more info on the organization who brought Benson to us, please go to their facebook at www.facebook.com/lkbnorthwest/ or their official website at www.lkbernedoodles.com