Introducing Heart Of a Hero Delaware!!

     Throughout our Journey here at Heart Of a Hero, our founder Ricky Mena's dream was to expand and branch out in hopes of reaching more children, in more places. Well Heart Of a Hero has just done it!! Introducing Heart Of a Hero Delaware! Inspired by the actions of a 16 year old, driven, and compassionate human being named Corey Sparks (who took it upon himself to begin visiting children in need as Spider-Man in the Delaware area), Ricky decided to meet with Corey's mother Jenn and Corey over hours and hours of skype sessions to ultimately offer this amazing superhero mom and son duo the opportunity to of being the first ever branch of Heart Of a Hero outside of the main hub in California. Corey and his mother gladly accepted and things are under way, AND FAST!  We recently posted a Heart Of a Hero Delaware like page on Facebook and encourage anyone in the Delaware, Philadelphia, and parts of the New Jersey, Maryland, and DC areas to message the new page for visit inquires regarding children in need. To go like the new page just click this link Heart Of a Hero Delaware !

     So why Corey when thousands of others dress up as Spider-Man? After Ricky was featured in journalist Frank Somersville's post, Corey's mother Jennifer left a comment stating her 16 year old son does something similar for children in need whenever he had time. It immediately sparked Ricky's interest and before you know it, he was in Jennifer's inbox asking questions until finally a skype session was underway. That's where Ricky learned that Corey has a younger brother with Autism, Has done tons of walks and events for Autism children as Spidey, and even knows how to Sign (Sign Language)! What peaked Ricky's interest was the fact that Corey's main objective with being Spider-Man wasn't to do entertainment based events but to help children in need smile a bit. It spoke volumes that Corey already obtained his own quality Spider-Man suit and had the heart for this type of work. After Ricky finished a few hours of skyping with Corey and his mother, he stated "It feels natural and genuine with Corey. Not forced at all. Its really not about fame with him. Its about the kids and that's hard to find with this kind of thing". Shortly after that, Ricky prompted the Sparks family with the opportunity to head the Heart Of a Hero Delaware chapter and the rest is history!

     So welcome Heart Of a Hero Delaware! We know that with your help, we will visit thousands more who could use a pick me up in what my be their darkest hour. 

To like on FB go to Heart Of a Hero Delaware and to follow on IG go to @HeartOfaHeroDelaware

East Coast Cape Crusade!

Joining Forces With Capes4Heroes

Spider-Man is beyond excited to venture far outside of california and join capes4heroes for this East Coast Cape Crusade! Mighty Spidey will join the Capes4Heroes team at the Columbus Ohio location March 16th 2015 and venture on for the remainder of the trip from there! Each stop will be at a hospital and house 100 to 150 children battling life threatening illnesses. Spider-man will assist Capes4heroes by handing each child their very own customized cape courtesy of Capes4Heroes! ALL recent monetary donations have gone to aid the cost of travel, lodging and food for Spider-Man. To contribute to this wonderful journey please visit the following link and thank you in advance!