Heart Of a Hero is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Ricky Mena after having a detailed dream where his deceased grandmother showed him dressed as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man bringing joy to a world full of kids in need! Ricky awoke from that dream and the real thing was born! 

As of October 2014 Heart Of a hero has made visits to over 15,000 children around the world which includes the homeless, special needs, Disabled, Autistic, fostered, and both children battling life threatening illnesses and kids who are terminally ill. Spider-Man, Spider-gwen, deadpool cameo and the rest of the team at HEART OF A HERO know just how much of an impact a simple visit from their hero can lift not only the spirits of children but also the support system surrounding them. 

Each visit is unique and special and so is our approach. we strive to visit children from a THERAPEUTIC standpoint rather than an entertainment based one. our goal is to leave a lasting and positive impression on children by tapping into their imagination and using the image of various characters as a pathway to do so in order to assist them in building confidence and overcoming trauma as well as reinforcing their ability to overcome and believe they can.

Heart of a hero shows up for all underprivileged/ill children for FREE and even arrives baring gifts! we accept both monetary and new toy/clothe donations which is a critical part of keeping these services free for these beautiful children in need.


It's our mission here at Heart Of a Hero to inspire, motivate and empower children who need it most!


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